A Sleepy Muta

The Great Muta looks like a big tired cat lazily toying with a mouse in this match from AJPW B-Banquet. To start off he shows some aggression by spitting green mist in the air, pointing at his opponent, Zodiac then making a gesture where he slits his throat before giving him the old bras d’honneur.

Aside from opening taunts and some random/awesome spurts of aggression Muta spends a lot of the match messing with the audience and motorboating the air. Muta’s first big offense comes when he uses a spray can on Zodiac’s face and chokes him with a cable outside the ring. The two go back inside and Muta spits some red mist in his opponent’s face and follows it up with a flashing elbow. Muta does not channel the technical skills of Keiji Mutoh for long because they are soon back out on the floor. Muta bounces Zodiac off of a table, hits him with a ring bell then tosses him into the audience and attacks him with a chair. Zodiac must have watched some Shawn Michaels’ footage with the way he is bumping around! Muta only stops using weapons when he decides it would be better to literally eat Zodiac’s face.

The face eating doesn’t last long and in a few minutes Muta eats a victory instead after spitting some green mist and hitting the shinning wizard.

It is not too bad, but next time if I want to see a sleepy cat I have my options.

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