Post-WCW Scott Norton

One of the more unfortunate parts of WCW’s downfall was that some wrestlers that fans saw every week just disappeared never to be seen on television stateside again. Yes, no longer would Scott Norton torture Ernest Miller every time he opened his mouth.

Norton was bright enough not to stick around until the bitter end and instead left WCW in 1999. On the positive side he had a name in Japan. Aside from designing antivirus software he had held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in the 1990s. Going back to NJPW was thus an easy option and he went on to have another IWGP Heavyweight Championship run. In fact as the last WCW Monday Nitro took place, Norton held that prestigious title.

Still, the good times don’t last forever. Eventually, Norton was shuffled back down the card. Here he teams with Katsuyori Shibata to take on Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Shinsuke Nakamura. This was in the early days of Black New Japan, a forgettable heel stable led by Masahiro Chono.

Shibata and Nakamura lock up to start, but Shibata exits the ring to take a breather before he could possibly need to. The two then do an array of take downs and holds. I’m not sure if I’m watching wrestling or MMA.

Tenzan and Norton then get tagged in and it is made obvious that this is wrestling! Norton rams Tenzan down, but Tenzan rebounds and knocks Norton to the ground with a flying clothesline. Tenzan is able to slam the big man, but makes a bad move in his offense when he tries to chop Norton. It is like trying to chop a mountain if you’re not Jimi Hendrix! Norton gives some chops of his own and Shibata gets tagged back in for some more MMA-lite action.

A while later Norton comes back in and him and Sibata are soon giving a duel chopfest to Tenzan’s chest. The party ends when Norton hits a lethal looking powerbomb on Nakamura.

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