Sara Del Rey Gets Her Roxx Off

If the people behind Ring of Honor’s YouTube page are honest then people pushing for women’s wrestling within the company did a terrible job in 2009. The description for this video reads, “The best Women of Honor match to take place on ROH on HDNet this year.” Sure, it is by no means a bad match, but no respectable women’s division should have a match under five minutes as their top television bout of the year. I guess they figured they had Austin Aries holding the ROH World Championship that year and that was all that mattered.

Anyway, this brief encounter between Sara Del Rey and Nikki Roxx starts off with a shoving match and Del Rey also gets a smack in. Roxx charges and Del Rey counters with a Koppou kick. Soon Del Rey is tossing Roxx by her hair all over the place. The crowd gets behind Roxx, but abruptly stops their cheers and stomps.

The two hit a pair of big boots on each other and it is a race to see who can get to their feet. Del Rey wins, but gets a chinbreaker. Roxx hits a beauty special, but only gets two.

The match ends in short order with a royal butterfly from Del Rey. Yeah, it is not exactly Aja Kong/Manami Toyota.

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