Looking Back at Serena Deeb’s First ROH Singles Match

Serena Deeb (pre-haircut) came into Ring of Honor when their women’s division was red hot! Aside from her opponent, Lacey and escort Jimmy Jacobs having a ton of fan interest in them from the Jimmy loves Lacey angle, the Shimmer Championship held by Sara Del Rey had just been recognized by ROH.

Prior to this match, Deeb had only tagged once with MsChif in ROH so this bout at ROH Driven was important in defining her relationship with the hardcore ROH fans. Deeb’s skills become increasingly apparent as the match goes on and the move where she wraps her legs around Lacey’s head and drives it repeatedly into the canvas gets a particularly good reception. This is not a solo show though and Jacobs also plays up his heel role by blowing smoke in Deeb’s face. This somehow gets a two count for Lacey. Hmm, I guess Serena has a weak pair of lungs on her.

Rain aka Bonnie Maxon, Lacey’s partner in the Minnesota Homewrecking Crew helps Lacey pick up the victory (shouldn’t Jacobs have been enough?) by distracting Serena and allowing Lacey to hit the implant DDT. The two begin to double team the defenseless Deeb when Daizee Haze makes the save and sends the pair along with Jacobs to the back.

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