The White Knight Rises

I’m not 100 percent sure who is playing the White Knight here, but I’m thinking it is Pat Rose. After an Internet search I found three possible guys off the bat(man), but it might not be any of them. Dick Steinborn played the White Knight in the American southeast and did some work in WWC, but given that this bout took place in 1986 when Steinborn would have been retired I really doubt it was him. Similarly, Curtis Thompson (later Firebreaker Chip in WCW) worked in WWC and is no stranger to a mask, but he likely didn’t debut until after this match took place. Pat Rose worked for WWC and it very likely could be him, but the physique really doesn’t seem to match.

Regardless of who is under the white mask, the wrestler makes short work of Huracan Castillo Jr., who comes from a line of wrestlers not always known for their endurance (just ask his dad how he did in his match with Randy Savage). The encounter is short and sweet and though Castillo comes out on the short end he is not completely jobbed out. Both wrestlers get some good moves in before The White Knight hits a big elbow off the top. As you may have guessed it is the same move Savage obliterated the elder Castillo with.


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