Indie Flashback: StarBuck Takes on Stark Adder at FinnFight X

by Daniel Johnson

StarBuck vs. Stark Adder

Here is something a bit different than a lot of the clips usually posted on The Johnson Transcript. For one, I don’t think most clips on this website resemble one of Antonio Inoki’s wet dreams the way this one does. This bout took place at FinnFight X and  and may be enjoyed by fans of catch wrestling or the few of you out there that actually like attempts at combining MMA and wrestling. FinnFight was actually a straight MMA series that took place from 1998 to 2008. Yet, this show, which was also the final FinnFight show featured a performance that was a bit far from the norm of the series.

StarBuck pushes down Start Adder to start and there is of course a ton of mat wrestling. Unsurprisingly, StarBuck happens to be quite a gifted mat wrestler as in case you haven’t heard, he was good enough for Lance Storm to see potential in him. After the referee breaks up this first series of holds and reversals neither man has a clear advantage. However, at the end of the second exchange Stark Adder clamped on an Indian deathlock, which StarBuck just manages to break out of by getting to the ropes. As StarBuck fights back he targets Adder’s head and neck muscles, most significantly when he uses a headscissors hold. By the seven minute mark the two have resorted to brawling and StarBuck then whips out two suplexes in a row and then an STF. In case there was any doubt if this match was a work or not just try to think of the last time Cain Velasquez or Anderson Silva nailed consecutive suplexes inside the octagon. Anyway, Adder reaches the ropes, but soon finds himself in another STF. As the clip ends, Fight Club Finland (FCF) commentator Rhubarb Johnson points out that Adder didn’t submit and held out until time expired.

This clip may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there sure have been odder ways MMA and wrestling have been mixed.

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