Indie Flashback: The Happening Happens

by Daniel Johnson

The Happening vs. Angel Lopez and Eric Cross

Before this match from NWA Hollywood (now CWFH) opens the commentators make reference to The Happening, which consists of Joey Ryan and Johnny Goodtime defeating TMDK, who were likewise just recently referenced in a certain awesome interview. Angel Lopez starts the match by hitting a huge double clothesline on The Happening then tags in his partner Eric Cross. Smart tags by Ryan and Goodtime quickly lead to the demolition of Cross. It makes sense since Cross is the smaller member of the face tag team he is the de facto Ricky Morton of the match.

Soon enough, The Happening hit a double northern lights suplex on Cross, but Cross just manages to tag in his bigger and beefier partner. Lopez actually delivers a leg lariat that has to be seen to be believed. Still in the ring, Cross attempts a discuss punch, but instead gets super kicked by Ryan. This allows for Lopez to get double teamed leading to Ryan going to the top rope and hitting a double knee on the back of Lopez’s neck. It is all over as The Happening get the win.

After the match Jeff Resnick interviews The Happening who put over the team they just beat and talk about their future in the NWA.

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