Beyond Wrestling: An Old Hand Faces a First Timer

by Daniel Johnson

Drew Gulak vs. Andrew Everett

Drew Gulak comes into this match with a winning record of 9 while Andrew Everett has a record of 0, having never graced a Beyond Wrestling ring. Denver Colorado talks up Everett’s performance from National Pro Wrestling Day while Gulak and Everett feel each other out. The feeling out process actually goes on a long time with some run of the mill moves. Everett puts Gulak in a headlock, Gulak takes downs Everett with an arm drag and follows it up with a wristlock, etc. However, Gulak is such a great submission wrestler that as the holds and reversals continue he makes it much more interesting than a run of the mill match. For instance, as Gulak is working over Everett’s arm he actually lifts him up thus adding more pressure to it. Gulak also throws in some rarely, if ever seen hybrid submissions including what Colorado describes as a STF/crossface combination and later a simultaneous sharpshooter/chickenwing.

Everett’s style contrasts with Gulak as he is more of a high flyer, which adds some flair to the match. Some of his more impressive moves include an almost Matt Sydal quality hurricanrana that Everett hits after jumping from the mat to the top rope, a picture perfect AJ Styles-esque pele kick and a shooting star press. Oh yeah, that one reminds me a little of Billy Kidman. The only thing is Everett actually delivers it off of the middle of the second rope. For all this high flying though Gulak wins the bout with a backbreaker variation.

This match was beyond decent in quality and it will be fun to see how Everett works with some fellow high flyers. I’d say it would be neat to see him in TNA’s X division one day, but I’m not sure if I’d wish that on anyone.

In other Beyond Wrestling news this past week the company released more hype videos for their Americanrana and Armory Amore shows as well as for their sister promotion WSU.

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