Straight Outta Glasgow

by Daniel Johnson

Karnage vs. Kid Fite

Scottish School of Wrestling (SSW) may show their greatest strengths when they dabble in comedy. Still, they can produce a solid match now and again. Kid Fite is a wrestler that as this clip shows has mastered the talent of performing in front of a small group of pre-teens. That isn’t a knock on Fite by any means as plenty of future greats failed doing even that. Instead it makes me interested to see where Fite can go from here. Unless I missed Fitemania he hasn’t been able to break through noticeably yet following this match being held at SSW Collision 2010.

On the negative side the description of this clip describes Fite as, “the man straight outta the Ghetto of Glasgow scottish bad boy Kid Fite.” This might lead some to expect an early heel John Cena-esque gimmick. Although Fite steals a kid’s hat prior to the match he never dawns a massive gold chain or low riding pants/shorts. What he does do is cut a fiery promo where he states, “You got to come to Scotland to make your name.” He’s right you know. After all, can you name any wrestler who didn’t make his or her name in Scotland. Even Roddy Piper made his bones in the western most section of Scotland.

The in-ring action consists of Fite pulling out a bunch of standard heel moves like pinning Karnage with one foot, antagonizing the ref until the ref pushes him down and getting his opponent crotched on the ropes by pushing the ref into them. As for Karnage he is bland and sloppy in this bout and hits a particularly ill-performed spinning dropkick at one point. Fite ends all that with a Jake “The Snake” Roberts-esque DDT.

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