The Pitboss Collects

by Daniel Johnson

Josh Thor vs. The Pitboss

Here is another nifty clip from the early (or at least earlier) days of Beyond Wrestling. Representing The Doom Patrol, The Pitboss may not look like the underling of a casino mobster as his name made at least me hope he would. On the other side of the action is Josh Thor who has a gimmick that came straight out of the 1995 WWF. On second thought this faux viking god would probably keep his armor on while wrestling if his gimmick really came from the WWF’s dark days,

As for the actual action Denver Colorado describes it succinctly when he says that it is just two big dudes beating the hell out of each other. Thor gains the upper hand at first by ramming The Pitboss’ head into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Pitboss’ buddy, Chris Dickinson isn’t just sitting on his hands at ringside and soon throws himself into the match. He pays for it quickly enough when Pitboss’ accidentally hits him with a flip to the outside. Actually, he more lightly grazed him than hit him, but we’ll suspend disbelief for the sake of the match. Pitboss gains his momentum back and at one point looks like he will even taken a chain to Thor. Can Thor avoid him? Even if he does will he still earn the pin? Only one way to find, out watch the clip!

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