Punk Pays Tribute to Chris Candido

by Daniel Johnson

CM Punk vs. John McChesney

It is tough to believe, but it has now been eight years since the man who needed no gimmicks, Chris Candido passed away. Usually, I don’t post about wrestlers on the anniversaries of their deaths, but I found this match on IWC’s official YouTube channel a while back and figured I’d share. Outside of Punk’s tribute which consists of having “Candido” on his arm tape and an after match promo the bout itself is nifty.

Punk opens it up by going after McChesney’s legs. McChesney gets taken down, but not for long. After a while Punk really gives it to McChesney by laying in a total chopfest. McChesney will not just lean against the corner and take that so before long he is firing back. He hits a sweet looking dropkick off  the second rope to really exclaim this. Punk comes back with another chopfest and to counter this McChesney delivers a monster big splash. McChesney’s win comes off as a fluke when he slides Punk onto the mat for the win. This was really the only way McChesney could convincingly beat Punk at the time because McChesney wasn’t exactly Samoa Joe and Punk was red hot on the indies.

Speaking of Indies, IWC’s Super Indy tournament has really grown since this match took place in the forth installment of the event. The next one will be taking place in just a couple of months.

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