Site News 4/29/13

by Daniel Johnson

Hey boys and girls! It’s been a while since the site has been updated daily, but that will resume…in time. This site should have new posts featured daily at some point ranging from either a few weeks to a few months. In the meantime there will at minimum be some sporadic updates each month. After all the world of wrestling keep trudging on no matter what. Of course, since early March not a lot has actually happened. Just the same old, same old as some guy returned, another guy or two got injured and some obscure event took place. Admittedly, there has been at least one sweet new champion crowned.

For the updates over the next few weeks (or months) look for mostly new posts to pop up in the Wrestling Clips section. However, when the daily updates comeback just about every section should build up a wealth of new material including the Wrestling Interviews, Wrestling Lists, Wrestling Reviews sections and even some odd bits in the Smooth Runs section. Also, the poll for The Crown J will finally take place…sometime before the end of 2013. There may be a shortage of independent wrestling, stuff from Japan and of course the occasional reference or two to WWE and TNA around here for a bit, but only for a bit.

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