Justin Credible Makes a Shaky Comeback

by Daniel Johnson

Justin Credible 2013 Comeback Announcement

Since today’s posts are all about looking to the future I thought I would discuss this video, which was just released a few days ago. As you can see Justin Credible talks about being clean for the past six months, how the miracle of Diamond Dallas Page’s Yoga plan has helped him in his life and how he would like to work full-time in the wrestling industry again. Despite the video’s shaky camerawork perhaps in the long run, Justin’s return won’t be quite so shaky. Now, in case you didn’t watch the video or want to dismiss Justin immediately (after all he does keep looking more and more rodent-like) he does not want to wrestle on WWE Monday Night Raw each week. Instead he proposes to work with younger talent, possibly as a trainer or as some other kind of behind the scenes guy. Now, I might not exactly be a wrestler, but as a former cashier I know money when I see it. Credible certainly has some mind for the business based on longevity alone, not to mention he got to the top of ECW in a push, which deserved or not, fans still go nuts about debating today.

Check out this match from before Credible said he last got clean:

Aaron Williams vs. Justin Credible, Ed Gonzales and Heather Owens

As this clip from Legends of the Squared Circle (LSC) shows even when Credible is nearly at his worst he has managed to keep in shape and work to some extent (even if he needs two partners against one opponent to manage it). Now, don’t necessarily expect anything great from this match from LSU Hardcore Revolution (though you can count on at least a kendo stick shot, a super kick and a spinning tombstone piledriver). However, while it may not be great,  one of it’s combatants performed for about 20 years, put over a guy you probably never heard of and still wants to give more to the business and that’s…Justin Credible (sorry).

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