30 in 30 Reborn: UGW’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Howdy visitors! Give some support to indie wrestling by voting for The Crown J here. Also, go here for details on how to win a free  Blu-ray of Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman. That link also has details about the 30 in 30 Reborn series. Contest ends August 9, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

The full UnderGround Wrestling (UGW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about UGW’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 26

Frequency new videos are added: Uploads come in spurts to make an average of about two a week.

Frequency full shows are added: Only one show that looks complete has been added. The channel is four months old so the de  facto answer is every four months.

Total views of the most popular video: 185

According to the UGW’s Facebook page the Illinois based promotion was first founded way back in 2008. However, UGW only launched a YouTube page four months back. From a technical standpoint the quality of the clips uploaded by UGW is impressive. Matches are presented in full with commentary and onscreen graphics are included. Some clips even include replays of older footage. The lighting UGW generally has is a little dark, but given that this is supposed to be an underground wrestling promotion (hence the name) it adds to the atmosphere. In addition to full matches some promos are also included such as this one featuring “1 Sexy Mofo” Bryce Benjamin. UGW’s roster doesn’t feature the most well known names, but with wrestlers like Jake O’Neil, Mason Conrad and Marcus Conrad it is just a matter of time before some of these guys make a splash. Plus, “Hot Chocolate” Acid Jazz is a heck of a ring name.

A recommended clip:

Mason Conrad vs. Marcus Conrad

The back story to this match is that Mason Conrad and Marcus Conrad are former partners, but forever brothers. After Mason Conrad failed to win a tag team match the duo was fighting, Marcus Conrad attacked him with a clothesline.

The two Conrads had previously been managed by the fiendish heel, James Russo. All three had been part of Russo’s stable, The Syndicate until Mason was ejected from the group. Before this match Russo cuts a promo on Mason saying, “It’s plain and simple. If you’re nothing but a loser and you continue to screw everything up, sometimes you got to take out the trash.” Russo then has the boys in the back play footage of Mason losing his tag match and getting kicked out of The Syndicate.

When Mason comes out, Marcus tries to cut him off at the entrance, but Mason uses the setup of the entrance to his advantage, ducks behind a beam and blindsides Marcus. The overwhelming majority of this match is just straight up brawling and Mason continues the trend by hitting a Lou Thesz press inside the ring and walloping Marcus with some strikes to the face. There are also a few wrestling moves including Mason completing a powerslam that lands Marcus on his head. I’m pretty sure Mason didn’t do that on purpose, but it works in the context of the match. Before Marcus can lose, Russo interferes by distracting the referee and Mason. Meanwhile Marcus grabs a chair and clocks his brother with it. The clip ends with the result of Mason doing an off camera blade job because there is no way that shot busted him open.

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