Indie Flashback: Kimber Lee Faces Athena

by Daniel Johnson

Kimber Lee vs. Athena

Since yesterday’s Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II event featured not one, not two, but three WSU showcase matches, I thought it would be worth highlighting one of the participants of those matches, Kimber Lee. Lee starts this match from the WSU 2012 Women’s J-Cup by planting Athena with a dropkcik that sends Athena retreating to the outside. After Athena dodges Lee for a while she comes back inside and asks Lee for a handshake. Lee is not going to fall for that one though and she is then again immediately on the attack.

Eventually, the bout evens out and the two start going strike for strike. Lee attempts to wallop Athena by showing shades of Owen Hart with an enzuigiri, but she instead misses it, which gives Athena the opening for a spin wheel kick. As the match comes to a close, Athena jumps to the top rope. Lee attempts to get Athena down from the ropes, but Athena is going to come down on her own time and in her own way. Athena hits a variation of the blockbuster (though much better looking than anything Buff Bagwell would pull out) that she calls the o face and pins Lee. Overall, a fun and short bout that allows both performers to showcase their offense as well as selling.

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