Beyond Wrestling: Epic and Cole Wrestle in a Two Out of Three Falls Match

by Daniel Johnson

Aaron Epic vs. Dave Cole

Since the finals of Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II are today I thought I would highlight a match featuring the winner of the first Tournament for Tomorrow, Aaron Epic. Epic represents The KOA in this two out of three falls match, which served as the opener of Beyond Wrestling Burst the Bubble last year. As Denver Colorado points out, Pinkie Sanchez is in Epic’s corner serving as his cheerleader, doing things like dancing for Epic and flipping off Epic’s opponent, Dave Cole.

Cole gets disqualified early on in this match because of a low blow. However, this is all part of the bigger picture since Cole then pins Epic with a tiger bomb to tie up the match. Cole punishes Epic for the majority of the match, but Epic comes to life when Sanchez has the fans in attendance pound on the ring in support of Epic. All it takes for Epic to win is a lucky knee to Cole’s face followed by Epic’s fastball punch finisher.

In other Beyond Wrestling news, aside from the finals of the Tournament for Tomorrow II taking place today, the folks at Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube channel have been busy bees this week. There is a new edition of A Lot Can Happen in a Minute and new clip from Beyond Wrestling Point of No Return.

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