Puro Flashback: Goldberg Wrestles Kojima

by Daniel Johnson

Bill Goldberg vs. Satoshi Kojima

After yesterday’s clip I felt in the mood for watching some good squash matches. Thus, I set out to find the most one-sided squash match I could get a hold of when I remembered Bill Goldberg’s incredibly brief run in AJPW. Instead of making Goldberg actually work for them, AJPW just gave Goldberg a boatload of money and let him do a few WCW style squashes. Wait, scratch that. Goldberg couldn’t even be bothered to do the jackhammer or spear in matches like this one. The argument could be made that Goldberg was trying to vary his style at the time, but if that was the case AJPW should have put him in the ring with someone who would have made him work, like Lord Steven Regal.

As for the match, Satoshi Kojima was presumably the only one raising his hand when the folks at AJPW asked, “Who wants to wrestle the guy who ended Bret Hart’s career?” In true squashing machine form Goldberg doesn’t let Kojima get a move in. Goldberg just ties up and shoves Kojima down twice then throws a punch that completely misses, but Kojima feels obligated to sell anyway. Goldberg rolls Kojima into a leg submission and follows this up into a pump handle position from which Goldberg slams Kojima. After some knees to the face Kojima actually reverses an Irish whip and jumps to hit Goldberg with a punch. Hopefully, that one bright spot was worth feeling sore as crap for the next week. Goldberg then kicks Kojima and tries to finish him off with a jackhammer that Kojima blocks, but Goldberg then just slams the back of Kojima’s head into the mat for victory. Ouch!

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