ROH Throwback Thursday: Crowning a Champion

by Daniel Johnson

Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Spanky vs. Doug Willaims

The seconds are ticking away as ROH crowns a new holder of the ROH World Championship this weekend at ROH Death Before Dishonor XI. With this in mind this week’s edition of ROH Throwback Thursday features perhaps the most historically significant match in ROH history. From one of their first shows, ROH Crowning a Champion set the stage for what fans could expect from a match for the ROH World Championship.

This match is a mixture of a four corners match and an iron man match where the winner is whoever has the most points over the course of an hour. A pin or submission gets two points whereas one point is deducted for every loss. Christopher Daniels plays the primary heel as he avoids and annoys Low Ki throughout the match. Daniels pulls ahead after all chaos breaks loose when Spanky hits sliced bread #2 on Doug Williams, Low Ki delivers a double underhook suplex to Spanky and Daniels puts Low Ki away with his last rights finisher. Daniels is ahead on points for a substantial period of time until Low Ki makes Spanky tap with a dragon sleeper. Low Ki then gets the final fall of the match by hitting a phoenix senton on Williams and runs out the clock, which is actually more thrilling than it sounds.

Whether this weekend’s event featuring Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin, Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa, all of whom have a shot at becoming the next ROH World Champion, produces a similar classic match-up remains to be seen though there is all the potential in the world for it to happen.

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