Puro Flashback: A Surprisingly Short AJPW Match

by Daniel Johnson

Masakatsu Funaki vs. Jun Akiyama

Here is a match that one can’t help, but scratch their head while watching. Two of Japan’s best, Masakatsu Funaki and Jun Akiyama wrestle in this contest from just over a year ago in a match that barely goes five minutes. Even the beginning is odd as the two try to lock up, but instead of a traditional wrestling lock up the two look like they are trying to shake hands, but are unsure if they should. This literally goes on for about a third of the match.

When there is finally some offense Akiyama hits Funaki with two knees to his face, but then gets caught in an arm submission and punished with kicks. Akiyama busts out a northern lights suplex and hits Funaki in the face with two more knees, even pulling his knee pad down for the second hit. Akiyama clamps on a front face lock for a bit and tries to hit yet another knee, but instead gets tripped by Funaki who then goes after Akiyama’s legs. When the two are back to a standing position Funaki starts kicking, which erupts into a back and forth striking contest. Funaki wins the striking battle then does his best Bob Backlund impression by briefly going for a crossface chicken wing. This doesn’t last long as Funaki last executes his hybrid blaster finisher for a victory.

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