Indie Flashback: Super Smash Bros. at BATTLEWAR

by Daniel Johnson

Super Smash Bros. vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen and Mike Bailey

Since the staff over at ISW have yet to upload a new installment of ISW Free Match Monday, I thought I’d feature another match from ISW’s sister promotion, BATTLEWAR. This one comes courtesy of TheNerdSlam and features commentary by Player Uno and Cecil Nyx. The duo are filled with all kinds of interesting tidbits such as the fact that at the time of this match Mike Bailey actually didn’t own a pair of tights and instead had to wear Nyx’s pants. Also, Player Uno mentions that Steen and he had previously wrestled when they were 80 lbs. lighter, but nowhere near as talented.

As for the in-ring action it is about as insane as one might expect from a BATTLEWAR show. Bailey tries to pick up the win at one point with a shooting star press off the top rope, but it is a big mistake to try that move in front of Player Dos who immediately stops him. Still, after Steen hits a huge powerbomb on Dos, Bailey gets a chance to shine and actually delivers the move for a victory. Despite this and despite being partners, Steen still gives Bailey a shot in the nuts after the match like a big angry bear.

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