Old School Flashback: The Champ is Here

by Daniel Johnson

Heidi Lee Morgan vs. Susan Sexton

The first ever LPWA Championship holder, Susan Sexton takes on Heidi Lee Morgan in this match that wrestling purists will no doubt find a bunch wrong with, but I nevertheless found entertaining. As the champion, Sexton was the de facto face of the company (or in this case heel) and as such she gets a bunch of boos from fans. Don’t let the boos fool you though. Sexton isn’t such a heat magnet. A lot of that hate is from audience members still getting over Crocodile Dundee II. If you don’t get that joke it’s because I’m a terrible comedian or you don’t know that Sexton is from Australia. Perhaps both. Likely both. According to commentator Sgt. Slaughter this is a big advantage that Sexton has…for some reason. That and being trained by a man because apparently women can’t wrestle.

As for the in-ring action the two spend way too much time working on each others’ arms early on and a lot of it is just plain sloppy. Plus, the referee who has any uncanny resemblance to Harvey Keitel is nowhere near as subtle as the acclaimed actor. At one point the ref even practically shouts, “Let’s take her home, let’s go,” to Sexton. After getting hit with what is actually a pretty darn impressive clothesline from Morgan, Sexton follows the ref’s orders by planting her foe with an electric chair and then splashing on her for the pin.

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