RWA: Swift Takes on Cash

by Daniel Johnson

TJ Swift vs. Shady Shay Cash

Since the month of October is winding down I figured I’d whip out this RWA Hype match from earlier this month. The clip showcases TJ Swift who has done a great job of stepping up his heel game lately. The name Swift is a little misleading at least as it applies to the man’s performance in this video. That is because the dynamic of the match sees Swift only in control when he can slow the match down.

To open the bout Swift and Cash trade some headlocks and there is a little scientific wrestling. Things pick up in a big way when Cash explodes with a shoulder block then follows it up with some power moves in a hip toss and a slam. Swift only really takes back control of the match after dodging Cash and then just planting Cash’s face into the mat. Swift’s dominance is cut short though because Cash unloads a huge belly-to-back suplex before polishing Swift off with a powerbomb variation.

In other RWA news the folks at the company have also been busy this month uploading video packages of their talent including one video hyping Irish Warrior and another showcasing Mike Montero.

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