Beyond Wrestling: JT Dunn Takes on AR Fox

by Daniel Johnson

“The Juice” JT Dunn vs. AR Fox

Two wrestlers who have been having phenomenal hot streaks in 2013 (kind of in an AJ Styles way) have been JT Dunn and AR Fox. So it makes sense that these two young talents would lock up in a place known for it’s emphasis on fresh talent, Beyond Wrestling. Well, technically the match happened at New England Frontier Wrestling (NEFW), but it made it to Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube channel and that’s what counts.

What makes this match as good as it is. is that just when it looks like one wrestler has the upper hand the dynamic of the match balances back to being on even ground. Heck, at one point Dunn hits an ace crusher, an x factor and three powerbomb variations, but Fox still manages to kick out! For the finish Fox looks ready to win after hitting an ace crusher of his own, a swanton bomb and nearly a 450 splash. However, Dunn dodges the 450 splash and wins it all with a ripcord elbow.

In other Beyond Wrestling news the company recently debuted a new video series called A Lot Can Happen in a Minute. The first episode features Eddie Edwards and Biff Busick. This is just one of several videos Beyond Wrestling has featured over the past week. Another showcases Christina Von Eerie and Pinkie Sanchez.

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