Beyond Wrestling: Anthony Stone Wrestles Dave Cole at a Secret Show

by Daniel Johnson


Anthony Stone vs. Dave Cole

Anthony Stone and Dave Cole are well known entities in Beyond Wrestling and certainly are not strangers to one another. At Beyond Wrestling Uncomfortable in June the two wrestled in the second match on the card. Before that though Stone and Cole got to know each other a little better at the April 27, 2014 Beyond Wrestling Secret Show.

This match took place in the regular home of the Renegade Wrestling Alliance (RWA), the RWA Chop Shop and those in attendance were in for a treat. Although the match starts slowly with some headlocks before long Stone is diving at Cole with a flying forearm and then calling for a bulldog only to get crotched on the ropes. This bout is well under 10 minutes so there are not a lot of dead spots. Even when things seem to calm down, Cole wakes the crowd up with a fisherman buster. That isn’t your daddy’s fisherman suplex! Well, actually if your daddy was a wrestling fan he probably saw Mr. Perfect who had pretty much the best fisherman suplex ever. Perfect even. Well, at any rate Cole’s fisherman buster is still good too.

The match comes to a close when the two fight in one corner, which eventually allows Stone to hit a modified goomba stomp!

In more recent news for these two, at the upcoming show, Beyond Wrestling Makin’ Movies, Cole will be wrestling Pinkie Sanchez in a grudge match. The two have been feuding as part of the larger Fear and Loathing in New England/Sex and Candy rivalry. Likewise, Cole’s partner Aaron Epic will be facing Sanchez’s partner, Sugar Dunkerton in another grudge match on that show. Meanwhile Stone has been announced for Beyond Wrestling Makin’ Movies, but what match he will participate in is unknown at this time.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next Beyond Wrestling live event will be Beyond Wrestling Makin’ Movies on September 28 in Providence, Rhode Island. Click here for tickets. A promo for the event from current Ring of Honor (ROH) star and former ROH World Champion Adam Cole can be viewed here.

For the full results of the April 27, 2014 Beyond Wrestling Secret Show click here.

For some more action from Beyond Wrestling click here and here.

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