Beyond Wrestling: The Juicy Product Defend the FIP Tag Team Championship at a Secret Show

by Daniel Johnson


The Juicy Product vs. Da Hoodz vs. The Influence vs. Mike Graca and Robbie Araujo

Hey yo, “The Juice” JT Dunn starts this clip with an impression of Scott Hall. Dunn says he is at this May 18, 2014 Beyond Wrestling Secret Show representing Full Impact Pro (FIP) on official business. Dunn along with partner “The Product” David Starr as The Juicy Product then set their sights on the smallest man in this FIP Tag Team Championship tag team elimination match, Robbie Araujo. Rather than take any guff, Araujo headbutts Starr and the match is underway.

The Influence consisting of Jason Devine and Mike Montero soon come in, but nearly just as quickly get a double DDT from Araujo. When Davey Cash and Kris Pyro aka Da Hoodz come in, the match sees its first elimination as Araujo suffers a pin following a hood stomp. Montero also gets eliminated a short time later when Starr summons the spirit of Hardcore Holly to land an Alabama slam. To add an exclamation to this move Dunn leap frogs over Starr to double stomp Montero before Starr rolls Montero up. The stage is set for two teams to lock up, teams who months later would look even stronger heading into Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow III, The Juicy Product and Da Hoodz.

The showdown only last about two minutes, but the teams squeeze a lot into that time starting off by trading strikes then performing a series of reversals.

The ending sequence is a testament to just how well Dunn and Starr work as a team. Dunn hits a super kick setting up a German suplex for Starr. Dunn closes out the performance with a roaring elbow on Pyro.

The full match can be seen right here:

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