JT Dunn Debuts in CZW

by Daniel Johnson

“The Product” David Starr vs. “The Juice” JT Dunn

“The Juice” JT Dunn just made his debut in a big way by opening CZW A Tangled Web VI, one of CZW’s biggest shows of the year. His opponent “The Product” David Starr channeled 2007 era Randy Orton in this match by using a butt load of headlocks. Starr mixes things up a bit though by hitting Dunn with a slew of rolling headlocks, which is something I’ve never seen Orton do. Dunn battles back and delivers a snapmare followed by two dropkicks as Starr struggles to kneel up. As the action is transpiring the commentators play up the different styles of Starr and Dunn, playing up Starr’s amateur background and Dunn’s proven ability as a high flyer.

The match kicks into a whole new gear when Starr hits a bunch of chops and a running forearm on Dunn into a corner. Dunn bounces back though and hits a knee and close-range lariat. Dunn then busts out a series of kicks and a facebuster. Yet, as soon as Starr sees his own blood it is all over. Starr hits a release German suplex (which Dunn sells excellently), an Olympic slam and a roaring elbow to put the CZW newbie away.

After the match the winner of the 2012 Crown J gives an interview with Nate Stein where he puts over Starr and talks about wanting to work more for CZW. Dunn will get a chance as he is scheduled to next appear at CZW Down With The Sickness.

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