WSU Showcase at National Pro Wrestling Day

by Daniel Johnson

Christina Von Eerie vs. Ezavel Suena

This bout from National Pro Wrestling Day, which happened a few months ago features two of the bigger names WSU has to offer in Christina Von Eerie and Ezavel Suena. Dasher Hatfield joins Denver Colorado on commentary as Colorado points out that originally Christina Von Eerie was not supposed to be in this match. Instead Ezavel Suena was supposed to get a shot at the WSU Spirit Championship held by Marti Belle. Eerie and Belle were feuding at the time causing the commentators to speculate on what may have happened to Belle.

The match itself only really picks up when Eerie spits in the face of Suena. I guess she didn’t think Suena was cool. Suena slaps Eerie, but doesn’t get much offense in as before long Eerie is pinning Suena with one foot. Eerie doesn’t quite get the win, but delivers a massive right elbow. This is a roller coaster of a match as soon Suena is fighting back with a cross body and kick to Eerie’s face. Eerie later hits her signature graveyard smash move, which is a backcracker from a straightjacket position. The move doesn’t put Suena away and instead Suena spears Eerie.

After some brawling on the floor and Eerie trying to put Suena away with a side slam, Suena gets the win with a lucky sunset flip. After the match Eerie attacks Suena and the commentators play up how crazy she is.

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