Jocephus Brody Interview

by Daniel Johnson


Photo Courtesy of Jocephus Brody

Interviewer’s Note: Jocephus Brody is a terrorizing force who is at the moment ripping through the roster of Resistance Pro, an Illinois based promotion where Billy Corgan of the The Smashing Pumpkins serves as the creative director. Brody is currently in a feud with Resistance Pro Heavyweight Champion, “The Ego” Robert Anthony. At the recent Resistance Pro super card, Stick It To Ya, Brody led a team of wrestlers appropriately named Team Jocephus to defeat a group of wrestlers led by Robert Anthony just as appropriately named Team Ego. Prior to Brody’s work for Resistance Pro, Brody noticed a remarkable resemblance between himself and legendary brawler Bruiser Brody who influenced his persona. He began wrestling in 2009 and notably worked for the United States Wrestling Organization (USWO) where he held the USWO Heavyweight Championship on four occasions. This interview was completed on August 9, 2013. In this interview Brody and I focus on the topic of wrestling as the dominant big man of Resistance Pro.

Daniel Johnson: In a nutshell how would you describe yourself as a performer?
Jocephus Brody: Well, I am a character. The character has an over the top personality so I try to reach that every time I give a performance. I have a lot of energy to convey and try to make sure that comes out during every match.

Daniel Johnson: For those unfamiliar with you how old are you and when did you begin wrestling?
Jocephus Brody: I am 36 and began wrestling four years ago in 2009.

Daniel Johnson: Bruiser Brody appears to have been a definite influence on your character. What are your first memories of Bruiser Brody and when did you start to get really into him?
Jocephus Brody: I saw him a little in the 1980s as a child on World Class, but got into him more when I started doing it myself mainly because the resemblance physically is remarkable.

Daniel Johnson: Definitely, do you consider Brody your biggest influence in wrestling? If not then who is? Also, other than Brody what other wrestlers influenced you?
Jocephus Brody: As far as ring persona yes. As far as influences, I have always been into methodical heels. You know the ones that try to get into your head. So I was into guys like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Raven and Kevin Sullivan. But I was also interested in the crazy characters, so I was into The Sheepherders, Mick Foley, The Sheik, Abdullah The Butcher, Terry Funk and guys like that. But having said all of that, my favorite wrestler of all time is still Jerry Lawler.

Daniel Johnson: When you knew you wanted to become a wrestler how did you go about finding a place to get trained? Also, who was your primary trainer?
Jocephus Brody: Originally I was writing a screenplay with my brother that had a bit to do with wrestling, so I decided to go through training to understand it better and network etc., but I fell in love with wrestling in the process and have been doing it since. My original trainers were Tony and LT Falk. After that Dutch Mantel, now Zeb Colter, took me under his wing for about two years. I have also traveled a lot with Wolfie D (now Cerebus) and trained with him at his school too. I was working as a librarian when I started wrestling training.

Daniel Johnson: Just curious but what was Tony’s full name or his ring name anyway? Also, what was a typical day like with him and Falk? How has training differed with Mantel and Cerebus?
Jocephus Brody: Tony went by many names. He was Cowboy Tony, Boy Tony. He was a great worker and worked a lot of different territories back in the day. I learned just the basics with Tony and his son. It was a lot of bumps and running the ropes. They helped me piece together my first match and I debuted for the Falk’s in 2009 at a show in Nashville. It was a lot different with Dutch, it was more mental training than physical. I traveled with him quite a bit as well and got to hear a lot of his stories before he put them in book form, The World According to Dutch, Tales from a Dirt Road. He encouraged the Brody gimmick, so I took his advice and tried to cultivate it more. My gimmick is changing now, but more of that later possibly. Training with Cerebus was very physical. He is a serious wrestler and performer. He has taught me more in ring and through matches than anyone in the business at this point. I can’t give Cerebus and Dutch enough credit, and the Falks, for investing time and energy into me.

Daniel Johnson: One promotion you have worked a lot for before coming to Resistance Pro has been the USWO. Do you consider this your home promotion? Also, what did you find most enjoyable about working there?
Jocephus Brody: It was a very enjoyable show. It was located at a hotel in downtown Nashville and the environment was crazy at times, perfect for wrestling.The crowd included traditional wrestling fans, hipsters and nutty hotel residents. It was my home base for quite a while. They no longer run shows there and I haven’t worked for USWO since fall 2012. As far as shows in the south, I enjoy being part of Shotime Allstar Wrestling (SAW) and other shows in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

Daniel Johnson: While in USWO, you held the USWO Heavyweight Championship four times. What was it like having a top title for a company so early in your career and what are your thoughts looking back at those reigns?
Jocephus Brody: It is always an honor when any company puts you on top. I was actually their longest reigning champion. The Falks believed in me and I will always appreciate that.

Daniel Johnson: How did you first get involved with Resistance Pro?
Jocephus Brody: I had been working some shows with Raven and he told me to send them a DVD of stuff. I did and eventually they called me to give me a shot.

Daniel Johnson: Do you have any memories or anything that sticks out to you from your first match with Resistance Pro?
Jocephus Brody: It was more or less a squash match of sorts with Ace Hawkins. It was my first time to wrestle in Chicago and that was pretty special to me. It is not memories of the match as much as being a part of a top notch show. They run their show very well. It was a euphoric feeling to be there.

Daniel Johnson: What was it like meeting Billy Corgan for the first time?
Jocephus Brody: It was pretty surreal but he is very approachable guy which made it easier.

Daniel Johnson: How often do you interact with Billy Corgan in his role as creative director?
Jocephus Brody: Every show for the most part and sometimes via phone or e-mail.

Daniel Johnson: How did you come to be paired with Eve, your valet?
Jocephus Brody: We met years ago in a gym, she trained with Dutch also. She would often come with me to Chicago to the show and eventually they were interested in using her as my valet. We are married after all.

Daniel Johnson: Awesome, the role of valets in mainstream American wrestling seems to have been reduced in the last 10 or 20 years. How significant do you think valets are in wrestling? Do you think they should be featured more nowadays?
Jocephus Brody: I think it depends on their effectiveness with either drawing heat or just being a mouthpiece for someone else. If they add to the show I think they are still relevant. I am glad that they are still somewhat significant because that gave my mentor Dutch Mantel a spot to shine in WWE.

Daniel Johnson: Getting into some of your current Resistance Pro work how did your program with “The Ego” Robert Anthony come about?
Jocephus Brody: When I came to Rpro I talked about violence being the primary reason that I was there. I felt like I had established that enough so I made Ego my new target and motivation, and have stated at the shows that he will willingly give me his belt and until he does suffer the consequences. *Wink, wink.*

Daniel Johnson: Haha, what were your initial impressions of Anthony as a performer? Have they changed at all over time?
Jocephus Brody: He is top notch, somebody needs to sign that guy.

Daniel Johnson: You recently wrestled in the main event the Resistance Pro show Stick It To Ya, in which your team, Team Jocephus defeated Team Ego. How was Team Jocephus put together?
Jocephus Brody: I selected the men that I felt could help me achieve my purposes there. Primarily, the continuing torture of Robert Anthony.

Daniel Johnson: From an in-ring perspective how do you think the style of Team Jocephus complemented each other? Do you feel there was a lot of diversity of styles present on the team?
Jocephus Brody: Yeah. We had a bit of lucha, brawling and traditional wrestling so it was a good mix.

Daniel Johnson: Are there any plans for Team Jocephus to do more in Resistance Pro? What do you think of the idea of a leading a long running stable?
Jocephus Brody: I will call on these men when I see the need. I have the perfect personality to lead a stable. I find great joy in telling others what to do, and know exactly what needs to be done. I love the idea. My character has had a religious awakening recently, and I want everyone to see that I am the one, and I am the way.

Daniel Johnson: Awesome, what are your thoughts about being able to main event a heavily promoted event like Stick It Ya?
Jocephus Brody: It is an honor. Anytime a company puts you in that position it is an honor. It is a lot of responsibility as well, and it motivates me to deliver. I am so glad to be a part of the Resistance.

Daniel Johnson: Do you feel Stick It To Ya was your most significant show to date? If so then why? If not then what was?
Jocephus Brody: I don’t really look at it that way. I am trying to progress as a performer and character and am thankful that I am in Resistance Pro because they have shown me what a show should be like. It is hard to look at things in terms of significance when you are in the midst of it. I am honored to be there so in a certain way every show is the most significant.

Daniel Johnson: Do you have any worries about becoming Resistance Pro Heavyweight Champion if it happens? Do you think it would be a lot of extra stress being a champion or would it be the same old thing?
Jocephus Brody: No, you can’t look at that way. That would imply a fear of success. I await every new opportunity to either become champion or anything else that I need to become.

Daniel Johnson: This is a broad question, but how would you like to see Resistance Pro grow in the near future. Also, as a major part of their roster how do you believe you will help in the company’s growth?
Jocephus Brody: It is a hard one for me to answer. I can say that I believe it will grow a lot more with bigger shows and going on the road etc. They put so much time into the production and quality of the show that it will grow in the end. I will continue to grow as a character etc. and hopefully add more to the show by doing so.

Daniel Johnson: Looking toward the future are there any wrestlers who you have yet to work with in Resistance Pro that you would like to? If so who?
Jocephus Brody: Anyone really. I have enjoyed my time and everyone I have been in the ring with is extremely talented and loves wrestling.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you have yet to do in Resistance Pro that you would like to? If so then what is it?
Jocephus Brody: I am still working on crushing the Ego out of Robert Anthony. That is my main focus right now. Once that is done, then I can look beyond to something else.

Daniel Johnson: Beyond Resistance Pro what other promotions would you like to work for in the near future?
Jocephus Brody: I just want to grow as a performer etc., so any promotion that encourages that development.

Daniel Johnson: A lot of wrestlers have the end goal of either working for WWE or to a lesser extent TNA. Do you consider this your long-term goal? If so which company do you think you would fit better in?
Jocephus Brody: I plead the fifth on that one. What I mean is that I don’t want to even make that kind of distinction between which company would be better for me or whatever.

Daniel Johnson: No problem, what about speaking of wrestling in more geographic terms. Are there any locations you have yet to wrestle that you feel would help you grow as a performer? With your hard hitting style it seems like you would be a natural fit for Japan.
Jocephus Brody: I would love to go to Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico. I would like to wrestle up North in America a bit more. I would like to see what’s going on in Europe and maybe Iceland. There have to be shows in Iceland.

Daniel Johnson: Haha, yeah I definitely have to look into what the wrestling scene is like in Iceland myself. Anyway, I also had five brief non-wrestling related questions that I like to ask everyone to make interviews a bit unique. What television shows do you most enjoy these days?
Jocephus Brody: Curb your Enthusiasm, Twin Peaks, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are on a regular rotation at my house.

Daniel Johnson: What was your favorite movie that came out this year?
Jocephus Brody: Wow, that is a tough one. I haven’t been to the movies in a while. i think the only thing that I saw at the theater this year was the new Star Trek movie. [Star Trek Into Darkness].

Daniel Johnson: Cool, what was your favorite food that you tried for the first time this year?
Jocephus Brody: Borscht made by my Russian in-laws.

Daniel Johnson: What song that came out this year have you enjoyed the most?
Jocephus Brody: I have enjoyed the new album by David Lynch called The Big Dream. The title track is pretty cool.

Daniel Johnson: What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Jocephus Brody: How Music Works by David Byrne. Definitely recommended.

Daniel Johnson: Getting back to wrestling I had just a few more brief questions left. Who is one wrestler 25 or younger that you think readers should know about?
Jocephus Brody: Don’t really know people’s ages very well. If Sugar Dunkerton is younger than 25, then him for sure.

Daniel Johnson: On a similar note I was curious if you could do it over again if you would have liked to have started sooner or that if you thought the timing was just right for when you started?
Jocephus Brody: Yeah, I wish I could have started sooner for sure. I had no idea I would love it so much. My 20s were spent at universities, etc., so I missed out on a lot. I missed out on learning this earlier I mean.

Daniel Johnson: For prospective wrestlers who would like to play dominant big man characters similar to your own what advice would you give them?
Jocephus Brody: Go to the gym and lift heavy weights. Read the classic works of literature. Try to bring some culture to your character. Take piano lessons.

Daniel Johnson: What is the weirdest part of being a pro wrestler?
Jocephus Brody: Having to perform in front of people in something akin to my underwear.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you would like to add?
Jocephus Brody: Nothing in particular.

Behold Jocephus Brody in action! Here he teams with Steven Walters to nearly win the Resistance Pro Tag Team Championship in a match also featuring Lock Up (Aaron Epic and Sugar Dunkerton), P-Dawg Millionaires (Shawn Daivari and Arya Daivari) and Rising Sun 2.1 (Lince Dorado and Emporado Azteca):

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