Indie Flashback: Eugene Wins the CWE Open Rules Championship

by Daniel Johnson

“Beautiful” Bobby Jay vs. Eugene

Before the match begins “Beautiful” Bobby Jay is  announced as 169 lbs and  “the lightest heavyweight of all time.” However, Jay is quite massive. He also gets a lot of homophobic heckling from the audience throughout the clip. Is Jay really gay? Who knows? Anyway, there’s not anything wrong with that as Darren Young talked about yesterday. At any rate this match will be a Eugene’s playhouse match for the CWE Open Rules Championship. The way the match works is that a mystery box is set up in each corner of the ring and whichever wrestler opens a box first gets to use that object.

Eugene ends up opening all of the boxes. First, Eugene opens up a box containing two beer cans. He has a beer with Jay, but ends up spitting it out all over his opponent. The next box contains a pizza. Jay asks for some, but when Eugene gives him a slice, Jay tries to sneak in a kick. Eugene catches Jay’s foot and shoves the pizza in Jay’s mouth. The penultimate box contains a flyswatter. The first real wrestling move of the match happens when Eugene hits Jay with a drop toe hold then spanks him with the fly swatter. The final box contains a bra and pantyhose. Eugene puts the pantyhose on his head and ends up forcing the bra onto Jay.  Previously I’ve only heard about such cases of forced transvestism!

For the finish Eugene no-sells, Hulk Hogan style and then hits a legdrop. Eugene isn’t done borrowing finishers either as he also hits a stunner, people’s elbow and RKO before pinning Jay.

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