by Daniel Johnson

Miguel Perez vs. Gran Mendoza

There are a couple of reasons that I wanted to post this clip even if it looks like the WWC cameraman smeared his lens with  Vaseline before he started filming. Neither of those reasons have to do with wrestling. Also, neither are because I hate you. I promise.

Anyway, throughout my life I cannot count how many wrestling matches I’ve seen, but I know that a fairly large chunk have been mediocre. So how can anyone watch hundreds, if not thousands of mediocre matches and still beg to watch more? By having a good imagination.

For instance, even though a good portion of this match consists of Mendoza dodging Perez and an abnormally long headlock I just love the name Mendoza. In fact, that’s the first reason I posted this clip. It reminds me of a classic clip from The Simpsons. In my kookie imagination I like to think that McBain is also watching this match and just waiting to get revenge on the evil Puerto Rican jobber.

The second and perhaps more important reason I posted this clip is…simply the mustaches. Despite the incredible poor quality of the footage those mustaches shine through more than a hairless upper lip filmed in HD ever could. Mendoza, Perez, heck even the ref. It is like watching the keyboard player from REO Speedwagon wrestle.

So enjoy this match…or at least use your imagination.

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