Mutoh as Super Black Ninja

Keiji Mutoh has lived an interesting life. Most famously he took on the role of The Great Muta. Less famously he took on the role of Kokushi-Muso. Yet, even less famously than Kokushi-Muso he portrayed Super Black Ninja. Mutoh worked this gimmick during his stints in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and as seen here in WWC. Although Mutoh is most known for his viciousness on an island nation in a different ocean than Puerto Rico, Super Black Ninja is pretty aggressive in the Caribbean.

Super Black Ninja comes at his opponent so fiercely to start the bout out that the action cannot possibly be contained in the ring. After brutalizing this poor kid on the outside the ninja gets him back between the ropes. There, Mutoh seemingly takes on yet another gimmick when he pulls some George “The Animal” Steele stuff out and just starts gnawing on his foe. Jobber Chris Jones barely gets in any offense except for a little mat work. The only luck Jones has is that this is not technically Muta so he doesn’t have to take any mist to the face. However, Super Black Ninja hits Muta’s moonsault and it is lights out for Jones.

Unfortunately, the gimmick didn’t have any legs and quietly retired managing to avoid becoming the title for the most awesome blaxploitation film ever.

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