Site News 11/24/12

by Daniel Johnson

Well, it has been more than a month since I updated the “Site News” section of the website, but it feels like there is even more news to pack into this brief update than that!

The first bit of news is that The Johnson Transcript is adding some new contributors to the mix. Two have already submitted their initial efforts. The first is being posted today and is titled, “5 Feuds That Accomplished Nothing.” The author takes a humorous look back at five feuds that could have been good, could have been great, but in fact accomplished nothing! The piece was written by Kyle Childers, a self-described bad movie connoisseur, pro wrestling addict and expert love maker. Follow him on Twitter @HawkJefferson.

Hold on a minute! Someone is coming to the ring with him! It’s the man known as Jeremy Cundiff aka Madman Szalinski, but what is he doing in The Impact Zone on The Johnson Transcript? Well, first up he is writing the series, “6 Great Matches You’ve Never Seen.” Heck, he even designed a killer looking banner for it. Essentially, it is a list that is presented in way that distinguishes itself from past lists published on the site. It is being written in installments and covers each match in great depth. The first installment alone is over 1,000 words! So looks out for the first piece of this puzzle bright and early tomorrow. Aside from this contribution it is worth mentioning that Cundiff actually trained for about two years for a job in the ring, is an e-fedder veteran of about 15 years and as he tells me Ric Flair almost bought him dinner once. Drop him a line here.

Also, hopefully at least a handful of you have been pleasantly surprised that the “Wrestling Interviews” section has continued to be updated weekly throughout November. Originally it was intended to be a weekly feature just for October then be turned into a monthly feature. However, since the wrestling personalities I have spoken to have been so wonderful and plentiful I have been able to include it as a weekly feature. This may change in the future, but at least for now you an count on seeing a new interview this Monday!

Keen-eyed observers of the site may have noticed that the miscellaneous section known as “The Runs” was retitled recently to “Smooth Runs.” The reason for this is that there was a technical problem making it difficult to categorize the section. However, the bugs got a good squishing and it is running smoothly now so the new title seems appropriate.

The last bit of news is about the “Wrestling Reviews” section. The reviews for TNA Turning Point 2012 and WWE Survivor Series 2012 are still being worked on, but should be up tomorrow and the following day, respectively.

So with all this new content coming your way do what all the best readers of The Johnson Transcript do by checking back often and sending all your love/hate mail here! Or just call me a name on Twitter. Whatever works for you.

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