Adam Cole Representing North America

by Daniel Johnson

Adam Cole has been having an incredible year. Aside from the buzz on him continuing to grow amongst Internet fans he also was given the opportunity to hold the ROH World Television Championship midway through the year. Long before this accomplishment he held another midcard belt. The WORLD-1 North American Championship.

As soon as you hear Bruce Springsteen’s music blare you know you’re in for a treat. While it is a shame Kid America doesn’t know the deeper meaning to his entrance music what he does know is how to get a live crowd excited. His opponent, Cole comes out and the two present some standard technical work. Nothing too flashy though Cole does a great job with a wristlock and really focusing in on Kid’s arm. Too bad they seem to forget about that later on in the match.

The niftiest part of the action is when Kid America begins a legendary chopfest. He starts in one corner and chops Cole once only for Cole to retreat to another corner. This keeps happening until Cole has gotten a chop in all four corners. The North American Champion finally fights back and the two really start whaling on each other with chops. When this happened surely Ric Flair was somewhere shedding a single tear. I mean he probably never saw the match, but if I had his money problems I’d be crying too.

Check the clip out to see who comes out on top of this chopfest as well as what else old Adam has in store for America. Perhaps, it could present a vision of events to come. After all, Adam Cole is scheduled to take on Matt Hardy at ROH Final Battle 2012: Doomsday. At least at one point Hardy’s gut wasn’t all that different from Kid America’s.

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