Happy Thanksgiving

Since turkey day is today I thought I’d post a clip of two big guys who look to be going after their dinner. In one corner you have Akebono and Ryota Hama, former sumo wrestlers and two of the heaviest wrestlers today. In the other corner you have Joe Doering and Zodiac. If you directly compare the two then you get the impression that the first team is so big that the other team comes off as kind of scrawny. Doering certainly doesn’t look like a Brock Lesnar-type. Keep this in mind for later on.

The match features a bunch of no-selling by the big boys and some tortoise slow action. The speed of the bout picks up when Akebono splashes Zodiac and Doering in one corner. Hama then comes in and he and Akebono run towards each other leaving Zodiac in the middle. Zodiac becomes a sandwich. A sandwich made out of pain! Hama then runs into Doering while he is resting on the turnbuckles or as one of the commentators puts it “STINK FACE-AAA.” For all the effort of the big men dinner wins out when Hama gets salt thrown in his eyes and Doering hits a death valley driver. Who would have thought Doering had it in him?

Anyway, have a fun Terkay day. Yes, that is short-lived WWE wrestler Sylvester Terkay’s head combined with the body of a turkey.

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