Okada is Up Against a Wall

A few days ago I posted a clip of Kazuchika Okada, one of NJPW’s brightest stars from 2008 where he was a bit younger and less experienced. So, I figured with it being 2012 I would post a match of his from 2010 to show the progress he made from then until now. In this match with Hirooki Goto, Okada is giving up an obvious weight advantage. The guy is no Yokozuna, but instead built like a brick wall! Seriously, just look at this closeup of Goto’s chest! Add to this that Okada still has on his jobberific black tights and his chances don’t look good.

Anyway, given Goto’s attributes it is unsurprising that he completely no-sells Okada’s strikes. What may be somewhat surprising is the force that Goto fights back with. It is appropriate that Okada is now known as “Rainmaker.” With another forceful headbutt from Goto it would have been raining blood after Okada got busted open the hard way. Still, Okada proves to have the fighting spirit by delivering a dropkick and a lariat that he is able to kip-up from. Okada then puts his past dropkick to shame by executing an insane dropkick from the top rope. Seriously, it is like the spirit of Owen Hart was resurrected and temporarily put in the body of a young Japanese man. Goto doesn’t let Okada’s offense go on for much longer. He wallops Okada with a spinning kick followed in short order by a top rope elbow on Okada’s back. From there it is shouten time for Okada as Goto earns his win.

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