A Lacrosse Battle Royal

Recently, a brawl broke out during an indoor lacrosse game in Canada and this video of the rumble made it online. Fifteen suspensions were made, but I didn’t read of any serious injuries resulting from the melee, which makes it okay to laugh about.

I wanted to pair this video with a wrestler in a ridiculous lacrosse gimmick. However, after much searching I came up empty handed. So, instead here is some action from Incredibly Strange Wrestling. ISW existed from 1995 until about 2003. I was lucky enough to catch some ISW action during The Vans Warped Tour in 2001 where I bought a $25 VHS tape that ISW produced. Yes, I actually spent $25 on a VHS tape in 2001. Anyway, as you can see the promotion had all sorts of ridiculous gimmicks so enjoy.

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