Ready for Punk vs. Bryan Tonight

From the glory days of IWA: Mid-South before it degenerated into Ian Rotten merely cheating a bunch of no-name “talent” on pay after they nearly kill each other. Despite this match taking place eight years ago both Punk and Danielson (now Daniel Bryan) were already skilled enough to put on a great show. Punk also delivers a classic heel line to a heckler with “I hope your parents die.” Ouch. For his part Danielson even throws some comedy into the match with an airplane spin that seems to never end.

While we won’t have Samoa Joe on commentary or any Pepsi Plunge attempts (right, Hunter?) anyone who has followed the work of these two has to have high expectations. With their natural ability plus the WWE Championship thrown into the mix, nothing except a 5 star classic can possibly satisfy fans. Anything less than 4 stars is unthinkable with these two going one-on-one on a major stage, but whether they truly deliver remains to be seen.

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