Moohammad on Tour

by Daniel Johnson

Moohammad vs. James Stone

The Vans Warped Tour and wrestling go together like chocolate and bacon. By that I mean while a lot of people choose to stay clear of both, a surprising number cannot get enough of sticking the two together and chomping right in. I am one of the latter two kinds of people. Well, at least when it comes to the Warped Tour and wrestling. Mixing chocolate and bacon sounds disgusting.

Anyway, the Warped Tour is no stranger to wrestling as years before Inter Species Wrestling put on this match, another ISW was distracting crowds from watching Rollins Band. The atmosphere that the Warped Tour brings is perfect for a comedy wrestling show and it makes me wish there were more touring concerts doing the same thing. Before, anyone e-mails me letting me know that there are a bunch of concerts doing the same thing let me just say, of course there are! Because it’s a great idea! However there can always be more.

As for this match Moohammad works up the crowd brilliantly. I don’t know which I liked more Moohammad threatening to rip off one person’s head and shove it up another kid’s tookus or him grabbing a megaphone and telling several audience members, “I wish you were dead.” Yeah, I changed my mind. It’s definitely the first. James Stone then comes out and lays into Moohammad before letting the fans chop Mohammad for him.

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