Cabello Contra Cabello

by Daniel Johnson

Faby Apache vs. Mari Apache

Some of you may wonder why on the day of the final WWE pay-per-view of the year (and if some of those 2012 theories are true ever) I am posting a match that has seemingly nothing to do with WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. The reason is precisely because of that reason…that there is no relation. Let me explain.

Despite not being at the height its popularity, mainstream American wrestling still has significant power and reach. If the WWE wanted to they could arguably put on any match between any two competitors currently active. Given Vince McMahon’s wealth and business negotiation skills not just in the WWE, but in the world. So why have we seen Dolph Ziggler take on Kofi Kingston so many times this year? Why doesn’t World Wrestling Entertainment live up to the “World” in its name? I know they have some guys like Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, etc. However, the way wrestling talent is spread out in this world if it was a true world wrestling league then a significant amount of the roster would be Japanese and another significant amount would be Mexican. Yet, there is another group overlooked…the women of wrestling. 

These days if you’re a female wrestler in Japan or a female wrestler in Mexico then no matter how good you are it just doesn’t matter. You will never be signed to work as an in-ring performer for WWE and probably not TNA either…and that’s a shame.

Take a look at this match. There are some wild fists flying to start, some incredible high speed moves and by the end of it both women are left bleeding. The Apache clan really gives it there all and you can feel the emotion even after the match when Gran Apache offers to shave his own head to save Mari. Could the WWE or TNA put on a match like this? Absolutely! If they wanted to that is. However,the closest we’ll get to lucha at tonight’s event is Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio most likely jobbing in a tables match. Likewise, you can forget about enjoying a good women’s match or any women’s match at all. They’ve been left off the card completely.

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