Indie Flashback: Massacre Massacres Perry

by Daniel Johnson

Massacre vs. Terry Perry

This clip from a couple of years ago comes courtesy of Pro Wrestling Lachine (PWL), a Montreal based promotion that no longer exist. Resident heel manager, Paul Rosenberg opens up the clip with a promo talking about how he can’t believe how the French Canadian crowd can be so poor and so fat at the same time. He then says he has been disappointed with his two henchmen Massacre and Terry Perry. The two come out and Rosenberg asks the two men to beg for their jobs. While Perry capitulates, the more imposing Massacre refuses to get on his knees for Rosenberg. Rosenberg then decides to have the two wrestle with the winner keeping their job and the loser being fired.

Perry opens the bout up with a neat looking spin kick and a sloppy as hell hurricanrana. Massacre soon get his own shots in and is much more of a meat and potatoes wrestler than Perry. Yes, just the basics with Massacre. Massacre shines a little more in the way he works the crowd. For instance, Massacre tells one heckler he is going to rip off his penis and shove it up his…well you can probably guess where he is going with that. It sounds like something PWL alumnus Sexxxy Eddy would be into.

Perry attempts a 450 splash for the finish, but just hits canvas. Massacre capitalizes on this by planting Perry with a spinebuster for the win. After the match Massacre puts a black hood on Perry and chokes him with a chain as death metal music plays. Massacre may not be the flashiest wrestler and he can’t do a spinebuster like Arn Anderson, but that sure was an awesome post-match beat down.

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