30 in 30: PWL/PWF’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


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The full Pro Wrestling Lachine/Pro Wrestling Federation (PWL/PWF) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about PWL/PWF’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 9

Frequency new videos are added: No new videos have been added in well over a year. The channel’s life only lasted about a month, but in that time nine videos were added.

Frequency full shows are added: No full shows have been added and the channel is deader than The Undertaker so it is highly unlikely there ever will be a full show uploaded.

Total views of the most popular video: 1.288

In the hotbed of wrestling that is Montreal one more promoter couldn’t help, but cry out, “Me too!” Thus, Pro Wrestling Lachine (PWL) was formed. From what I can tell according to the company’s official website (last updated in 2011) the company transitioned into the more generically titled, Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF) or at least that’s what I think it stands for. You’ll be hard pressed to find PWF not abbreviated anywhere on PWF’s website or YouTube channel. Heck, since I couldn’t imagine a company with the word, “lachine” in it’s name prior to this one, those whacky French Canadians might have titled the promotion, Pro Wrestling Farm Animals for as much as I know. At any rate the promotion featured a bunch of Montreal based wrestlers including the always fun Sexxxy Eddy. Also, though he appears nowhere on their YouTube channel, Lanny Poffo is listed by the company as a former holder of the PWL International Heavyweight Championship. Talk about random! Randomly awesome, that is! As for the contents of the YouTube channel it consists of three full matches and some segments/hype videos like this. There is no commentary on matches, but the video footage tends to be pretty clear even if it is shot using just a single camera.

A recommended clip:

Paul Rosenberg vs. Sexxxy Eddy

Paul Rosenberg has a pro-American gimmick in this match. While fans in the United States may think this would make Rosenberg a face, if WWE has taught us anything in recent years it is that Canada is Bizarro land. After talking about how it is okay to beat up old women on public transit because they are probably poor anyways, Rosenberg is confronted by Sexxxy Eddy. Before Eddy lays a hand on his opponent though he first says, “I have sex with every type of woman, yes I do,” then talks about how he has a hockey stick between his legs. Oh yeah, this match also took place as part of a tournament to the crown the first holder of the PWF Hardcore Championship.

As the match starts Eddy rips off his pants and the sheer audacity of this act knocks Rosenberg off his feet. Eddy takes advantage of the situation and chokes Rosenberg with his pants. Eddy wants this match to be more hardcore so he goes to the outside to pick up some incredibly random weapons. Eddy first pokes Rosenberg in the bum with a toy plastic trident.

Rosenberg is down, but not out and he picks up a plunger and puts it on Eddy’s junk. Eddy is not phased and snatches the plunger away then puts it in Rosenberg’s face. Eddy attempts a suplex (hey look a wrestling move!), but gets blocked and instead Rosenberg takes Eddy down and punches him a bunch. Rosenberg delivers a DDT then mocks Eddy and breaks a hand mirror over Eddy’s head. After a suplex Rosenberg grabs Eddy’s penis with some salad tongs. Given the nature of this match I’m just glad Rosenberg doesn’t start tossing his salad. Rosenberg reveals the final weapon, which is a pitcher of thumbtacks, which he pours all over the ring. This action backfires as Eddy slams Rosenberg on the thumbtacks then strips Rosenberg and slowly sticks a single thumbtack into Rosenberg’s arm. Yet, all it takes is Rosenberg giving Eddy a kick in the nuts for Rosenberg to get the three count.

The match as a whole was incredibly crass, but quite entertaining.

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