A Mike Awesome for a New Generation

by Daniel Johnson

Joe Doering vs. Masayuki Kono

Here is one hot off the presses or at least it would be if the official YouTube channel of AJPW had presses. AJPW might get a lot of guff and I throw in my fair share, but the company still puts out tons of great matches each year. This one which took place in Taiwan in 2011 showcases Joe Doering taking on Masayuki Kono. Throughout the bout I could not help, but think of Mike Awesome just by looking at Doering. From his body type to his style all he has to do is whip out some powerbombs and it would be like the second coming.

This bout is short, but sweet. Yesterday, I talked about the importance of time allotment and how difficult it is to put on a good match in under ten minutes. Fortunately, as I’ve written about before Kono can do this without any problems. Unfortunately, this match  has tons of stalling. Still, Doering keeps it entertaining by verbally abusing his opponent. In particular the line, “Who’s the *expletive* man in Taiwan, huh? You’re looking at him,” gets a rise out of the audience. Doering also builds up to his strikes, which given his massive upper body are sure to deliver and when he finally hits them they don’t disappoint.

Right now Doering could come into a top rated indie and not quite be a Samoa Joe, but still a convincing main event monster. Let’s just hope his potentially gets fully realized and he is not saddled with a 1970’s obsession or fat chick thriller gimmick.

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