Another Brief, But Brilliant Taiwan Cup Bout

After watching this match I figured I’d track down another contest from the AJPW Taiwan Cup 2009. Following a showing of this one it is easy to see why the tournament made the little buzz that it did back when it first happened. If you are unfamiliar with the opponents then you should know that Taiyo Kea is a fairly well known wrestler in Japan, who used to have a much better physique than he had in this match. Where did all his muscle mass go? Some may blame it on age. Others may blame it on lack of consistent exercise. I blame it on the influx of of new Oreo products! They’re delicious, but deadly. Heck, give Scott Steiner some Oreo Cakesters and by the end of the month he’ll look more like Scott Salem! Anyway, the other participant is Masayuki Kono who has had some success as a tag team wrestler and a losing record as an MMA fighter.

The battle begins with some stalling, but not a ridiculous amount. I love when Kea does the cheap heel move of taking Kono’s hand only to give him a quick chop and the audience reacts with surprise. While the finish for this one is not as impressive as the previously covered encounter from the Taiwan Cup it has some psychology behind it with Kono working over Kea’s arm with all he has. In short, you can do worse than tracking down some more matches from the AJPW Taiwan Cup 2009. The tournament features compact matches that are full of action.

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