Sugar Dunkerton Goes Emo

In this episode of CHIKARA’s Podcast-A-Go-Go from a couple of weeks ago Gavin Loudspeaker gives us the lowdown (the news, not the move) on friction in The Throwbacks after Mr. Touchdown ruffled the feathers of Sugar Dunkerton. Dunkerton’s match with The Shard that follows is fun from the start with Dunkerton telling Shard that he is wearing a very mainly shade of pink. Fortunately, for Shard one of those in attendance defends his honor by yelling, “Its magenta!”

Of course it wouldn’t be CHIKARA if moments after Dunkerton questioned someone’s manliness, Dunkerton’s own machismo didn’t come into question. This happens when Dunkerton slaps his balls against Shard’s face. No, not those kinds of balls! Anyway as the match goes on there are a few more comedy spots while the commentators further talk about Dunkerton being miffed at Dasher Hatfield after Hatfield favored Mr. Touchdown over him. Dunkerton’s natural ability to work the crowd presents the idea of how he would play in a bigger American promotion like WWE or TNA. He doesn’t really have the body type typically desired by either unless he is going to be buried in TNA’s Xtra division. If only young male managers were still featured prominently in WWE or TNA. Anyway, the constant shilling of the CHIKARA commentators bring me out of this daydream and will hopefully bring you out of yours (especially if its pervy) just in time to see Dunkerton win.

All of this plus an Emo Philips reference!

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