Barack Obama for President

I like to keep this blog focused on wrestling and almost nothing else. However, the United States presidential election only comes around every four years…plus I figured I’d make this endorsement strictly in terms of Barack Obama’s side job of working as professional wrestling personality.

If you type in “Obama” on WWE’s official YouTube channel then you can see some of Obama’s appearances for the company. He made his debut to get support for his 2008 campaign.

Obama was accurate in his prediction of Randy Orton’s reign coming to an end. Perhaps by calling for this action in some small way Obama was responsible in Orton’s transformation. A while after this promo Orton began the change from an evil viper/man hybrid holding the WWE Championship to a viper/man hybrid of an ambiguous nature wallowing in the mdicard.

Speaking of mid-things Obama has consistently proven to be a fan of the middle class. It would be nice to narrow in on something minute and funny to prove this point, but if you don’t know by now just about all endorsements make the same points. Blah blah blah Affordable Care Act something something something improved unemployment yawn yawn yawn Osama bin Laden. There is a reason Cracked doesn’t have a list called “The 7 Funniest Written Presidential Endorsements.” Aside from the title being a tad dry all editorials tend to read the same. Well, not this one! Obama has shown his support by sticking up for the little guy…Little Jimmy in fact.

Obama exemplifies keeping a level head in this segment. Even when R-Truth accuses Obama of getting a shot at the WWE Championship before Truth, the former senator from Illinois stays calm and gets to the point. The President also showed good judgment by not taking advantage of his title shot when John Cena was champion. It is true that the President of the United States is often said to be the most powerful man in the free world, but…come on this is John Cena we’re talking about. Also, Obama is often accused of being humorless, but this clip shows quite the contrary. Obama even tries to seduce Truth by luring him into a boat. Heck, this proves that you can call the president stiff, but its not in the way most people think!

On a similar note the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 was passed under Obama showing his dedication to America’s armed forces. Likewise, Obama has even stopped by on non-election years to get a cheap pop by wishing his best to American troops.

In the interest of fairness you can also type in “Romney” on that same YouTube channel, but the results are far less impressive. All that will pop up is this:

Yes, an episode of Dolph Ziggler’s “WWE Download.” The only connection to Romney and Obama that this clip has is that The Show Off pokes fun at them on it. Hold on a second! A video starring Ziggler comes up if someone tries to look for Romney? Well, if you pay attention to Ziggler’s win-loss record then this certainly isn’t a good omen for Republicans.

In this penultimate paragraph the elephant in the room should be addressed, Linda McMahon. If the following video is any indication then a whole mess of Republican strategists should lose their jobs. McMahon shouldn’t be running as a candidate, but rather positioned as a weapon for Romney to use on undecided voters. “Vote for me or I’ll have this woman torture you in monotone!”

In closing it is worth mentioning that even CM Punk recently endorsed the reigning president. So if you’re not going to let an obscure wrestling blog tell you how to vote then at least listen to a heel champion who tells you to shut up every week.

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