A Lean Sami Callihan

by Daniel Johnson

Austin Aries vs. Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan is an interesting and fairly recent success story on the independent scene. The guy used to be huge. By that I mean he didn’t used to have a large fan base, but physically he was huge. As the commentators point out in about a year he was able to get in incredible shape while simultaneously honing his in-ring skills to become a more diverse performer.

This match had it’s moments, but before I get into the in-ring action let me address the excellent heel work of Austin Aries. When he first came down to the ring I thought his mustache was thicker than usually. If you listen real closely you can hear a heckler call him Tom Selleck so I must be on to something. Aside from the Snidely Whiplash-esque facial hair Aries then cuts a devastating promo where among other things he tells Callihan that his mom’s massages lead to happy endings. The match has some good spots like Callihan pulling off an ace crusher that Diamond Dallas Page would be proud of. Also, like DDP, Callihan manages to do the job to an opponent with much more prestigious accomplishments, but looks like a threat throughout. Still, this cannot keep Callihan out of the corner where he takes a dropkick that is followed in short order by a brainbuster leading to Aries’ victory.

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