Why Hasn’t There Been a Vader and Stevie Richards Tag Team Yet?

by Daniel Johnson

Kevin Sullivan and Gangrel vs. Cassidy Riley and Steve Madison

To celebrate the release of his new film I thought I would post a Kevin Sullivan match. Okay, maybe Kevin Sullivan didn’t actually appear in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but he sure looks like he could have. On the other hand Gangrel doesn’t look like he’d fit in that cast at all. Not even as an orc. As a matter of fact other than having gimmicks that could broadly be described as occult, Sullivan and Gangrel don’t have much in common at all.

Yet, that is the beauty of the indies. Aside from showcasing matches that never happened in the big leagues, it can also create new teams of competitors with very different backgrounds. With that in mind I’m surprised even more random pairings haven’t happened. Why not see what a tag team of Steve Corino and Shane Douglas can do? How about New Jack and Colt Cabana? A lot of random pairings may be car crashes, but they could also lead to some fun surprises. At minimum it could be more enjoyable than watching teams’ 10 years or more past their prime try to relive their glory days.

As for this match there is not much to say. Madison throws some punches to start it off and that is pretty much the match. Tons of brawling and a referee even gets caned before Riley pins Sullivan amidst the mayhem.

Good or bad after watching this one I just have one question, “Why hasn’t there been a Vader and Stevie Richards tag team yet?”

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