A Gem from RWA

by Daniel Johnson

T. Phoenix vs. JP Hansen

RWA lists this on their official YouTube channel in their RWA Gems series. The match isn’t exactly perfect and it suffers from it’s atmosphere. While the RWA can put on decent matches no one ever accused them of drawing the best crowds.

Let’s look beyond that flaw and get to the specifics of the match. In one corner there is T. Phoenix who looks kind of like Bill DeMott if Bill DeMott was unable to pull off a moonsault. There is no word on whether or not Phoenix shares Demott’s interests in training nude. On the other side is JP Hansen, who has a decent build and comes off at the start as a solid face.

Hansen opens the match with a headlock and the most fiery spot of the match happens when Phoenix manages to get Hansen in a corner. Phoenix chops Hansen twice, but Hansen then swaps spots with his foe and rips off Phoenix’s shirt. Hansen explodes with a full blown chopfest. Hansen doesn’t stay in control long and soon enough Phoenix is working on his knee with a spinning toehold. The commentary team does a great job of selling Hansen’s past knee problems.

Hansen comes back, but his momentum is cut way too short. He manages to hit his finisher, which is a suplex variation called Valhalla on Phoenix, but that is it. Outside interference from JT Dunns leads to Hansen tapping out to the figure four.

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