JT Dunn Tries to Liven Things Up

by Daniel Johnson

JT Duun vs. Damien Black

Regular visitors of the site will notice that I post a ton of Beyond Wrestling clips. While those matches are great and all they are usually just that…matches. I figured I’d post this Renegade Wrestling Alliance (RWA) clip because it gives you a chance to know JT Dunn, a regular Beyond Wrestling competitor a little better through seeing him cut a promo. You also get to see him carry out his 2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship, which you wouldn’t see in Beyond given…well you know the fact that they don’t have titles.

If nothing else RWA has taste in the indie talent they book. However, I couldn’t help, but notice the poor setup that they had for their RWA Absolution event. Really, I would have liked to spend this entire post singing the praises of JT Dunn, but that venue looks bleak! As far as I can tell the crowd consists of two families (one of which disappears in the middle of the match) and a small handful of typical indie fans. Some of you may be saying, “that’s just a typical indie event,” but I’ve been to plenty of indie wrestling events and I can attest that it really, really isn’t. I mean the yellow walls, the tiny ring, the random Italian and American flags in the background…

Anyway, I must admit that I enjoyed Black coming out and saying, “you guys suck anyway” only to be immediately met with a fan yelling something about sucking his balls. I wonder if it is the same guy who later starts a one man “new guy’s blown up” chant?

It should be mentioned that Dunn still puts in a decent performance with a nice dropkick, back stabber variation and his double stomp straight out of Super Mario  Bros. being among the highlights. However, I think the crowd had an impact on Dunn. Notice how he doesn’t even wait for the three count before starting to leave the ring.

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  1. 200 plus fans at their April, July and December shows. What you see here is a TV taping closed to the public

  2. Thanks for the comment and information. TV tapings seem hard for independent companies to pull off these days. Even ROH tapings don’t have the same rabid crowds that their live shows do since they tape in blocks. I liked ECW’s approach years ago when they would just record live shows and edit them into TV episodes. Still, I get why they don’t do that any more since that kind of taping would be hard to get the production quality that ROH has.


  1. A Gem from RWA | The Johnson Transcript

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