Terry Funk, a Brainbuster and a Table

by Daniel Johnson

Terry Funk and Abdullah The Butcher vs. Tarzan Goto and Tomoaki Honma

Despite being well, well past their primes in 2002, Terry Funk and Abdullah The Butcher are still a ton of fun to watch in this match. In fact, The Butcher may literally be close to a ton here. Look at those bosoms! Plus, we get to see Tarzan Goto who you may remember as the wrestler who took on Dan Severn for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on the night Mick Foley wore that lovely crimson mask.

For this match as soon as the streamers go flying so do Funk and Tarzan. They battle outside the ring for a bit, but the referee manages to restore order. Funk likewise gets in control of the match and even busts out his signature spinning toe hold. Unfortunately for Funk, Tarzan also busts out a signature maneuver. Even more unfortunately for Funk this signature maneuver is stabbing his opponent with a fork.

Tarzan goes wild and aside from his fork it looks like he also grabs a pen from the commentary table at one point to stab Funk with. Tarzan’s time on top is bound to end though and Abdullah grabs Tarzan’s fork to poke at Tarzan and turn the tables. Wait a minute…did I say tables? That’s right, Honma comes in with a table. He soon regrets it when Funk delivers a brainbuster to him through it. Funk and Abdullah then take turns walloping Honma with pieces of the table before The Butcher ends it.

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